Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Running Man

Currently I addicted to watch Running Man. That show very fun and hilarious. I could't stop laugh if I watch that show...hahaha : D
There are 8 people that join this show Jae Suk, Suk Jin , Kim Jong Kook, Gary, HaHa, Song Ji Hyo, Gwang Soo, and Song Joong Ki. But Joong Ki have left Running Man after episode 41 due to his work. But he will become guest for episode 64, just wait
to see he back for Running Man. They have their special part in this show :

Monday Couple belong to Gary & Song Ji Hyo
Hyung and my dongsaeng belong to Kim Jong Kook & HaHa
Song-Song Sibling belong to Song Ji Hyo & Song Joong Ki
Suk Brother belong to Jae Suk & Suk Jin
The Framer or Gwangvatar belong to Gwang Soo
Same Aged Friends belong to Song Joong Ki & Gwang Soo

This show is very interesting, you will laugh loudly if u watch this show. Btw, don't watch this show alone, people might think u crazy because u will laugh alone...kekeke ^_^

If u want to download Running Man u can go to this
website iSUBS and KshowNow.

I just edit this picture from the new drama in KBS, Poseidon....hehe... sorry i'm not good in editing picture, so it look not nice (just for fun)

p/s : If someone that want to share their though or comment about this show, just inform me. I truly will share with you.
In this show i really like Song Joong Ki, he so adorable : )

The Enthusiastic Joong Ki

*sorry for my bad english : )